Molly Grace shoots Jessica & Kevin’s wedding at Gallery 1028

I loved Jessica & Kevin’s wedding for the moments…. The mothers talking as Jessica got dressed, the arrival to the church, Jessica walking into the church and the perfect tear being wiped just then, little ones falling asleep in the pew, the girls chatting about the guys right when they passed them, the perfect old man just sitting on a bench as they passed, the boating cheers. And if all that wasn’t enough the night was filled with dancing, doughnuts and drinks and Kevin and Jessica were married and so happy!

Molly Grace shoots Ariana & Aaron’s wedding at Fishermans Inn

Ariana & Aaron had a beautiful wedding at Fisherman’s Inn the moments were many and the love was rich. These two had joyful smiles, so excited to have united their lives officially and so happy to have their friends and family celebrate with them, it was a beautiful thing.

Molly Grace photographs Dan and Erin’s wedding

On a beautiful day in May Erin and Dan joined their lives together, the day was perfect, sunny happy and calm. I loved Erin’s wave to her ring bearer, Dan’s dad pat Erin’s dad on the back after he brought his daughter up the aisle and gave her hand to Dan, then just as did to Dan after marrying her and how happy Erin was to bask in the sun and laugh with her bridal party on Michigan Avenue. She was elegant and kind and he was strong and funny and being there, photographing them as they took these next happy steps was my honor and joy.

Molly Grace shoots Bobby & Jayna’s sweet baby girl Charlotte

I met Bobby and Jayna while I was pregnant with my Charlotte and its so amazing to see them have their own precious baby girl now and to have them share names. Her sweetness just brought me back and I have to see how amazed I was what excellent parents Bobby and Jayna are already. I’m so glad she’s here!

Molly Grace shoots Milana & Andrew

Molly Grace shoots Andrew & Milana wedding. This beautiful couple met married and I know will live a rich life together full of wonder, the moments of the day were many and lasting, and this was a beautiful start to the year!