Molly Grace shoot’s Nicki, Andrew, Ava & Jack at St. James Farm

It wasn’t too long ago that I photographed Nicki & Andrew’s wedding and now it has been such a joy to photograph their sweet family.

Molly Grace shoots Kasie & Andrew’s wedding at Danada House

I’m beyond happy for these two! I loved every single moment of this wedding and the sweetness that these two have for each other!

Eliza and Alanna

Another year passes, another transformation occurs for these sweet girls. To know these families from birth to school age and watch them grow is such a joy. These years go so fast, they change so much! I am honored to capture these times, every time!

Molly Grace shoots Liz & Ryan as they welcome Baby Colette

Stepping into Liz and Ryan’s beautiful home was somewhere between stepping into my future, and remembering my past and it felt like heaven. My family is months into a reno and walking into such a beautiful home excited me to think about having a home as beautiful as theirs, and seeing their precious baby girl reminded me of our own little girls. Kristina’s photography lined their walls and I loved seeing their love story in each detail of their home, their framed wedding invitation, souvenirs from Paris, and dried flowers from first dates. I felt so grateful to see them as parents. I loved hearing the story of how they built their house, added their puppy, how they had been preparing to be parents including all the research and reading books. I love seeing couples grow and get stronger through life’s amazing projects. These two certainly had their eye and affection for Winston and now Colette has captured them, as sweet babies do.

Molly Grace shoots Shruthi & David’s Engagement Session

I had a great time with these two, in the city that they love, seeing new views and skylines, and going down memory lane with them, hearing more of their story. Truly a perfect day to celebrate with them and to look forward to more celebrations to come!