Molly Grace shoots Kelly & Rob as they welcome Bobby

Can you believe the privilege I have to see this sweet couple add such a sweetheart to their family. I absolutely loved seeing their home, hearing how they made it their own, meeting their sweet cats and holding their precious baby boy. It’s been six years since I shot their wedding and was so fun to see them again!

Molly Grace shoots Shruthi & David’s Wedding at the Double Tree Oakbrook

I tell you the truth, the most amazing thing about my job is entering into a family, entering into a life, the best day of a life, the first day of the new life of marriage, and holding it so gently, witnessing, understanding, seeing symbolism, moments, admiring…admiring relationships and moments. I have to say I walk away from a wedding with my bag all packed, very humbled, very touched still totally in awe of life, of my clients who are now really more my friends, of their lives, because they are amazing – they truly are the best, and my heart feels so full of love for them because of everything we experienced together that day. Shruthi’s wedding day may not have been what she imagined because her mom wasn’t there but there was so much love in that room that night my heart felt bursting as I went home, it’s as if her mom was there and pulling us closer in for a hug around the bride and groom, an amazing night for sure.
Details and planning by the fabulous Nisar

Molly Grace shoots Shruthi & David’s Mehndi

Shruthi had the most beautiful Mehndi, it was Moroccan themed and perfectly decorated by Nizar and his team to be a colorful and fun atmosphere for everyone to gather and enjoy themselves. It was so fun to see everyone get excited about the henna designs and especially seeing Shruthi’s progress, and looking for significant names in her design. I loved seeing Shruthi’s love and enthusiaum especially for the little ones just billow out of her, she was a radiant bride to be.

Molly Grace shoots Shruthi & David’s Var Puja

I was so delighted to join Shruthi and her family as they welcomed David and his family, together the two families ate and drank and had a beautiful time together. I loved seeing the moments unfold, everyone was so excited and ready for the celebration of the whole weekend to start!

Nicole and Mikey’s wedding in Lake Geneva, WI

Nicole and Mikey were married in the beautiful backdrop of Lake Geneva! They celebrated with their family and it was clear that family is the foundation of their lives, this union and this celebration! Nicole and Mikey have been together for a long time, and through that time, their families have become like one giant family, already loving and caring for each other, long before the official wedding day. That is a great way to start a marriage! And I can’t forget to talk about baby Michael, Nicole and Mikey’s sweet baby boy. He joined the world this summer and was able to witness his parents pledge their love and commitment to each other. The deeper love and bond that joins two people as they become parents, can help you fully appreciate the importance of this commitment and sharing your life with someone who helps you be a better you. So excited for these two as they continue on their journey together!