Molly Grace shoots Kacie & Ryan’s Wedding

Ryan and Kacie, not only joined together as husband and wife but now along with their children they have became a family. I could not be happier for them!

Molly Grace shoots Wyman & Amy’s Wedding

Beyond my love for Amy and Wyman is my love for their family. So many many moments of Wyman not being able to see Amy before the first look but needing to be right near her. The ring bearer spare who saved the day! The tea ceremony wishes and the toasts at the reception.I have to say I was so very touched at the end of this wedding I took a photo with all of Wyman’s syblings’s – four weddings for this precious family in a span of 9 years – it was quite amazing to think about… haha but that photo is not included here, these moments are, enjoy!

Molly Grace shoots Joanna & Frankie’s engagement session

I photographed this beautiful couple on a beautiful summer night… the light was perfect, and the love was real. I can not get enough of this session, it was a magical and flawless night.

Molly Grace shoots Matthew & Kristen’s baby to be

We all…on the blog or in person got to witness Matt ask Kristen to marry him, after a beautiful wedding now we are anticipating the birth of their baby! The three of them look amazing and we had a perfect day in Chicago!

Molly Grace shoots Jessica & Kevin’s wedding at Gallery 1028

I loved Jessica & Kevin’s wedding for the moments…. The mothers talking as Jessica got dressed, the arrival to the church, Jessica walking into the church and the perfect tear being wiped just then, little ones falling asleep in the pew, the girls chatting about the guys right when they passed them, the perfect old man just sitting on a bench as they passed, the boating cheers. And if all that wasn’t enough the night was filled with dancing, doughnuts and drinks and Kevin and Jessica were married and so happy!