Molly Grace shoots Bobby & Jayna’s sweet baby girl Charlotte

I met Bobby and Jayna while I was pregnant with my Charlotte and its so amazing to see them have their own precious baby girl now and to have them share names. Her sweetness just brought me back and I have to see how amazed I was what excellent parents Bobby and Jayna are already. I’m so glad she’s here!

Molly Grace shoots Milana & Andrew

Molly Grace shoots Andrew & Milana wedding. This beautiful couple met married and I know will live a rich life together full of wonder, the moments of the day were many and lasting, and this was a beautiful start to the year!

Molly Grace shoots Cristina & John’s Wedding … the last bash of 2016 at Gallery 1028

Cristina and John were bursting with excitement when I met them as they were planning for their lives to formally merge. They had just landed from real estate mecca when Cristina’s condo sold in just a few hours, and not only were they excited to get married, they were so excited as they described this bash of a party they were planning and the fact that all of their friends would be together celebrating with them. Cristina and John are definitely the couple that have had a full life, lots of friends, travel, lots of fun life experiences and that often means friends from all over so having everyone all together was crazy fun for them to think of. The wedding was beautiful, the party was epic, and the memories were lasting. I’m so happy for them!

Molly Grace shoots Neeraj & Katie’s Wedding at the Englewood Resort

Neeraj and Katie’s wedding arrived on a cold and bitter day but we all stayed cozy warm at the Englewood Resort celebrating not one but two beautiful ceremonies uniting this beautiful couple. There were so many moments during the day but my absolute favorite was the moment Katie put her hand on her mom’s shoulder in the elevator after a frenzied moment getting ready and I loved the symbolism of her gesture. The best moment and biggest surprise of the night was Neeraj cutting off the officiant with a very enthusiastic “I will” causing Katie and everyone else to laugh until they cried. The night continued with Neeraj’s nieces and nephew’s performing and Ukrainian dancers in red boots to kick the party off. I’m so happy for these two!

Molly Grace shoots Erin and Dan’s engagement session

I’m looking forward to Erin and Dan’s wedding in May and loved spending nearly the last warm fall day with them!

Liz Przybysz - December 6, 2016 - 6:31 pm

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! :)