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Molly Grace shoot’s Melissa & Mark’s Wedding

Melissa and Mark begin the perfect day… Melissa had thorougly planned each detail of the wedding to be the perfect kick off to the rest of their lives. Little did they know life would through in a curve ball, as it often does, and it would rain a bit. Thankfully it was not enough rain […]

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karen tomei - July 23, 2012 - 2:58 pm

Molly, these are gorgeous! You’re fantastic and an absolute joy to work with. I’m so excited to see the rest!

Molly Grace shoot’s Nicki & Andrew’s wedding

I was so happy to have July 6th arrive since I had been looking forward to Nicki’s wedding for several reasons, most of which included being so happy for her and Andrew. I knew her day would be filled with fun, friends and that it would begin with a green shake – made especially for […]

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Molly Grace shoot’s Brandice & Troy’s wedding

Brandice & Troy had a beautiful day in the celebration week of the fourth of July, it was a beautiful day… slightly hot in our Chicago heat wave but we were grateful for power and air conditioning since there had been a bad storm the day before 🙂 They day was filled with emotion Brandice […]

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Molly Grace shoot’s Mike & Penny’s wedding

I was so excited to shoot Mike & Penny’s wedding. It was especially exciting because they are such good friends of Kristina’s. After getting to know them and seeing them at dinners, parties and gatherings over the years I call them friends, too. I knew this wedding would be amazing and fun because Mike and […]

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Brittney & Jordan

Brittney and Jordan are engaged!  Setting off the not so long road to the wedding, we met up for some pictures to capture their personalities and share and remember this exciting time through photographs.  I am so happy to know them and get some glimpses on how they are together, Brittney bringing out all of […]

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