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Molly Grace shoots Vincent & Jasmine’s wedding

Vincent and Jasmine’s day was a beautiful one, one that really centered around faith and family and one where everyone had fun! I loved Jazmine’s face as her mom added details to her dress while it was on. I loved the processional of gifts and the meeting of the families – I want to know […]

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Molly Grace shoots Jake & Sarah’s Wedding at Cafe Brauer

I loved Sarah & Jake’s day, they got married on a beautiful Sunday in June, as Sarah got ready and fixed the veil, Jake rocked his favorite band T-shirt,  they met for the first time all dressed up in the middle of Michigan Ave and then I loved how they gave me the let’s wrap […]

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Molly Grace shoots Pat & Brittany’s wedding

Brittany and Pat’s wedding day was doubly special because they were surrounded by their friends such a tight group who began the day walking through memory lane by looking through photo albums. Brittany only made it  through one sentence of Pat’s letter and the tears came pouring. I loved Brittany’s choice in shoes that paid […]

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Mire and Elyse

Absolutely loved spending time with these wonderful ladies again!! I have been photographing them since they were toddlers and each time I feel closer to them, know them more, and just adore getting to know Stephanie as a friend and fellow mom. The bonds are instant when you have been there since the start of a […]

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Stephanie D'Angelo - August 11, 2014 - 5:20 pm

Thank you Tina!!! These are gorgeous and I can’t wait to see all you have done! you are such an amazing photographer, woman, mom!! It was great to see you again and thank you for making it such a smooth session – especially with my stinkers!

Molly Grace shoots Elizabeth & Cameron’s engagement session

At the end of this month these two will wed! I can’t wait for their day – I know like today these two will be all smiles 🙂 A bug in your drink, keeps you laughing 🙂

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