Our green wedding: The rings!

I may have mentioned this week would be food but I want to save that for next week so I can collect some more pics!  Instead I want to share a bit about our rings.  First off, being rock climbers, we seldom wear jewelry on our hands because it could rip our finger off while climbing and who wants that?!?  Second off, we are just very simple people and no need for extra glam and that is just us.  I have seen some amazing rings that really make me go WOW but somehow it just doesn’t look right on my finger, I guess that is why I chose to be behind the camera instead of in front of it so often, I am not one to purposefully draw attention to myself 🙂  So these rings just fit us, who we are, what we believe and our comfort and that is what people should think about when choosing a ring. Just like the rest of the wedding day, you want to say “this is who we are”!

For my ring, I couldn’t be happier with Aaron’s choice, is a simple band with a ring of wood which he had inscribed “Semper Novum” meaning “Always New” for our love of adventure and facing all the new challenges life brings together.  I was so touched by his thoughtfulness.  This was my engagement ring and while searching for a wedding band I thought, I barely can keep this one on, why do I need another one?  So I am sticking with this ring for now and maybe in the future, I will get something that will replace this one as the wood may start to deteriorate over time and I definitely want to preserve it forever.  This ring was hand crafted by a small family business in Tennessee.

Aaron’s ring is also very special because it was hand crafted by our dear friend Brian Gillespie and inspired by his family’s tradition to make their own rings for their wedding.  We obviously love this idea and anything made personally by hand for this one specific intention just adds so much meaning.  Its even more meaningful that the hand that made it is such a good friend.  So much of our wedding is inspired by the idea of a community coming together to bring their love and own hands into the process of our design, decor, food, drink, and now our rings.  Aaron’s ring is simply a silver dollar hammered out by hand and shaped into a ring.  Simple, beautiful, and from the heart.

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