Our green wedding: the food

I have always said that a green caterer, even if the only green choice you make, can make all the difference.  Food has such an impact on the environment from how it is raised, to pesticides, to humane treatment of the people and the harvesters, and so many more aspects.  We chose a menu that will reflect the local community and using as much as possible, in season foods.

Aaron did want to have some control and contribution for the food fo course so I gave him cocktail hour 🙂  We are planning to use local and in season apples as a foundation for a sliced apple, brie, walnut and drop of honey little passed item.  Then we will have Aaron’s famous and Rockhouse special guac and chips sitting on the tables.  My mom is also making her family-famous olives that we will have out on the tables.  We will also have a bon fire during cocktail hour so we will have a smore’s station for the kids and those of us who can’t wait for desert!

For dinner, first off, I want to say, we have many friends from our area bringing dishes that they are making from scratch at home to take some of the pressure off Aaron on his big day.  He actually tried to convince me he could make all the food on our wedding day! hahahaha  So I put a stop to that and we decided to have a biscuit bar which would provide lots of options for the guests and highlight a staple in KY food, the biscuit!  Country ham, all natural roast beef, local and ASH-free cheeses, mustards, local jams and apple butters, and the famous Rockhouse gravy for an in house favorite.  So in essence it is a pot luck style, except we told people what to bring just to be sure it will all come together nicely 🙂  I love this idea as the whole point of our wedding, is sharing our love with our closest family and friends and in turn they are sharing their love for us by being a part of it.  I called it a potluck registry so people can bring food and drinks instead of gifts.  This works for us though I recognize its very non-traditional and not for everyone.  We can reuse a lot of the food not used in the restaurant, which will minimize waste.

Megan Smith, our dear friend and helper extrordinaire, is making all the biscuits from scratch and the deserts!!  Here are some pics from her website…check it out and try these recipes!

Aaron grabbed this shot of the gravy…its amazing but surprisingly hard to photograph haha


The next pic is an Appalachian stack cake, its a regional tradition that I think is perfect for the area, the season, and the style of our wedding.  The story goes that people used to make a layer and bring it to the wedding.  Although Megan will just be making this, I love the spirit of the tradition and it fits right in with the in season of apples!  It is an apple spice cake with layers of apple butter…we’ll see how it goes!  I am up for something unique 🙂

We will also have two of the Rockhouse carrot cakes, one of which we are letting Ayla cut as we know she will have way more fun doing this than we will 🙂   So there you have it, just a little bit of the food options, different and fun just like us 😉

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