Molly Grace shoots Matthew & Kristen’s perfect proposal

This is one of the most amazing moments I’ve witnessed, this proposal created and executed by none other than Jenee and her team from Visions Event Studio¬†was an amazing celebration of love. Before this blushing now bride-to-be ended up in this moment on Sunday night she and her sweetheart Matthew toured Chicago by helecopter and made a trip over Wrigley Field to acknowledge where they met and the start of their journey together – for their anniversary… but little did Kristen know that after that would be dinner and after dinner would be a walk to top them all. We were all waiting for them – some of us trying to fade into the crowd where a guy would just happen to be playing their song, and Matt would pop the big one. But little did we all know that in that moment of realization, to give Kristen time to soak it all in… Matt would decide that they should dance… a moment so unexpected that even the planners confessed later that they cried as they witnessed it. For me, as the photographer… it made the story progress, which if you are like me and shoot from the heart, where the curiosity of what one is thinking and feeling rules as subjects enter into such moments… then literally you can watch the progression, I love the dance, I love how Matt’s talking to her and they get all serious, I seriously love the way Kristen gets breaks into the emotion of it, then he proposes and she is still shaking, and crying and laughing and can not believe this beautiful ring is on her finger, I love how they interact and talk as she realizes this amazing guy that she loves just planned this most amazing moment for them to always remember. I love how real and expressive she was… totally living in the moment!

….So how was your Sunday night right? Seriously to witness such a life changing moment like that hit me in a unique way – I can’t tell you how many couples I’ve met, I ask how they got engaged at every consultation and I love it, I can’t tell you how many amazing weddings I’ve seen where little moments and big ones get me and I’m touched, seriously such an honor to witness and photograph these things but still this one very special couple – seeing them actually embark into this amazing “season of engagement and weddings” did it for me… it was quite amazing! So need I say more, enjoy this story of pictures below!

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