Molly Grace shoots Jayna & Bobby’s Wedding at The Renaissance

Jayna and Bobby’s wedding day was one that was so anticipated by many and especially me. I was so excited after their engagement session to continue to “hang with them” and make amazing images of their wedding day. You know how there are just certain people it’s an honor to serve, maybe because you know they serve people everyday or because they ask great questions, or put on country music because I love it and maybe they don’t as much – well that is these two. There were so many sweet things throughout their day, moments when Bobby kept looking at his ring, the bag pepper surprise for Bobby, when Jayna cried each time she danced, and their perfect dip that I had made them perfect at the engagement session just flowed out perfectly at the end of their dance. This was truly a great event!

AND might I say at the end of the night – because fun fetti sticks are amazing I got down on the floor to get some shots and who decides to just lay right next to me and check out the view too – the groom, what a sweetheart! Jayna is for sure a lucky girl and I have no doubts these two will have a happy life!

Robert C - August 29, 2016 - 3:05 am

I’ve been to a number of weddings in the past four years. You really don’t notice the photographer until you’ve had your own wedding. After that, you’re constantly comparing the photographers to Molly Grace. There really is no substitute. She has a special ability to capture some of the best moments of the day. If you’re thinking about Molly Grace for your big day, look no further. She comes highly recommended by me.

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